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Неустанно совершенствуй свое искусство, остальное придет само собой.(Р. Шуман)

Artists of the earth Klin

Many of the picturesque tradition now irretrievably gone, giving way to the fashion for art.

In the metropolitan center of Slavic Literature and Culture, opened the first exhibition of the Artists' Union Branch Klin near Moscow "Artists of the earth Klin," which presents works created in various techniques - the "cold batik", oil, watercolor and decorative and applied arts.

- An exhibition of artists Clin reveals yet another facet of the artistic traditions of Moscow region, which tenderly cherish and develop in these parts, - the art critic, member of the artists Irina Sedova suburbs. -Arts and Crafts presents several distinctive writers. Valentina Lebedeva shows three works made ​​in the technique, which Russia has not yet invented the name. In the hoi polloi is cutting with scissors, paper. Art criticism the same view, snatches of professionalism and originality of her work , creates what he saw suddenly a corresponding name equipment - paper and plastic figurative .

Irina Sedova described the works in the exhibition:

- Appeal to the images of ancient art is traced in his work by stamping Arsene Kuchukhidze. Plate "Sirin" - the image of the bird of paradise with the head of the Virgin, the dish is "Going Beyond Three Seas" - an image inspired by the travel records of traveler Athanasius Nikitin.

Art of woodcarving, presented in a masterly Sergey Savinov filled panels "Gryphon".

Lusine Petrosyan work in the technique of "cold batik" "Contact with nature" and "The Wall in the village" - is a fine property line and color, which is especially difficult given it is in batik.

Multi-genre represented by paintings and drawings. Alluring woman's tenderness and watercolor in the transmission of images of nature near Moscow artist Catherine Krupenko contrasts with the harsh manner of writing Anne Poluboyarinov. Paints, canvas spraying with cold , as if borrowed from the northern lights - such is her 'The Barents Sea " .

"Autumn Evening" Valentin Makarov: quiet autumn mist, disappearing into the distance the road - the eternal theme of the Russian artist. And two lonely people, though separated by the river of life - one worth another go. And the next - again in contrast - three completely different styles of landscape solutions brushes Vladimir Glukhov. Bed "on the river Sister" soft tones creates a feeling of overflow occurrence in a fairy tale. In the painting "drowned forest" by skillfully used the reception point smear artist conveys the image of the current and at the same time is unreal forest area. Boldly sketched on the canvas paint it "Pogozhev day," the abundance of the color palette once again forced to wonder enigma of the artist.

Genre of still life in the work of Larissa Aktershevoy "The Window" and "Old Things" suddenly brutalen in beautiful lapidary tools and courageous play of volumes.

Unusual vision of the portrait in the painting Valentina Makarova "Evening". Genre promise, however, remains in the background. At the first - the mood of the heroine. Quite another is seen in the work of Alexander Beglov "Portrait of Mikhail Khodorkovsky in the image of Christ": a direct, open view, create a free smear the power and depth of the image.

Touching, as if the deliberate awkwardness of the genre paintings of Anatolia Bugakova. And in contrast to his painting technique in "grisaille" Farid Nasretdinova "Baba Valya." It captures the image of plastic, devoid of people, so - depersonalize.

And, of course, the topic of the Temple, which has become central to this exhibition. It works by Eugene Baklanov, Yuri Vaskova, solved in the traditional realistic style. "Church in Kolomna" Isadora Studentsovoy refers to Roerich images. Vadim Savvina work in this category "Cathedral of Nativity of the Virgin," "The North Wind," "The upper reaches of" captivating power of his artistic and skillful work with color.

On the whole exhibition is not only interesting variety of genres of the works, but often unorthodox, purely artistic decision. In the works of artists Klin seen that very, very special note outside Moscow, which is so valuable, and which is already largely lost.

... Wedge - an old city. For graphic layout Alexey Larionov, one can study and what still remained to him, and that the effect disappeared if the time, whether through the efforts of the new "owners" of life, which to the history and beauty do not care. Klin same artists leave their vision and the story, and this beauty, though sometimes given to them is not easy.

Phrase stating that "the artist must be hungry" is sure to come up with well-fed people. It then sold the works of masters and resold, but until then some of the artists are not easy to find even a platform for an exhibition of his paintings. And every show, every venue - it's luck, the head of department of the Union of Artists Klin near Moscow, Yuri zlotys.

And another problem, which identified him and his colleagues on the shop floor Arsene Kuchukhidze, Vladimir Glukhov and Farid Nasretdinov: in fact, die school of realistic traditions of Russian art.

- Centuries before us who lived and worked in this direction, - said Yuri zlotys. - We ourselves feel the link in the chain of a traditionalist, and it should not be the last break after us. Wildness, when the art does not dominate the style, not personality, and fashion. For now the market is valuable that it is easy to repeat, that you can duplicate and sell. Simplification, bamboozle - is, unfortunately, a sign of our time.

In a conversation on this subject expressed by the artists remembered as an opinion Marlena Hutsieva. In response to the words of some businessmen, who insisted that there is no need at all to teach at universities deep questions of art, and need, they say, simply produce good craftsmen, film director said: "Let no one now, but after a while people will understand that speaking is - the enemies of Russia, because in such words that carry the corresponding case is a sham and unconscious, but harm. In this approach to life, culture and art have no chance to raise a man! Artists dictate the rules of life and new direction should not businessmen, not the laws of the market, and those talents for which there is a school, there is the experience of generations, there is a tradition and an understanding of the boundaries between good and evil. "

Klin artists in their works follow this principle.

Alexey Sokolsky

Reprint from the site of the newspaper "Moscow. Daily News" in № 53 (2499) on 03/31/2011

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