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Искусство рождается только от горя. И никогда - от радости.(Чак Паланик)

Thursday, 24 March 2011 16:08

Good day to all!

Held on March 1 broadcast an interview with Anna on Poluboyarinov Klin radio presenter of Vyacheslav Pernavskim in the "Harmony of names."

Today, a record was made available on our website. We talked about art, education, the arts.

Consonance names. March 1, 2011
W. and A. Pernavsky Poluboyarinov
VP: Hello, dear listeners. So, as always, our guest is a very interesting conversationalist - Poluboyarinov Anna V., a member of the Artists 'Union "suburbs" and it is also secretary of the Artists' Union Branch Klin "suburbs." Hello, Anna V..
AP: Hello.
VP: Anna V., so I was just at your exhibition, held in Klin house veterans in the vestibule of the house. And immediately pointed at your picture, and not just me, and feel the hand of a master. I called nepomnyu as painting, there are two young men in the area shopping malls. How's it called?
AP: Walking
VP: Walking, yes. And it's very interesting to do something you have created it, this picture. You know, like a shopping arcade, we kind of got used to the ancient Russian architecture, and you are their heroes of the picture ... There's something so intertwined ... and modernism, in my opinion, and realism. And next to it, too, is another picture, a cafe that is out there, and a narrow street. It is also something I recalled from the section of West European artists to France, Belgium, Denmark, etc., ie probably modernists - your favorite artists?
AP: Yes, it's one of my favorite styles, he is very bright. very emotional and not remain indifferent to the viewer. Well, then that's it - just my impression from the outside world. I'm trying to convey in their works.
VP: Yeah, it's your face, your face, because every artist is their own. And it's wonderful. And you, by the way, where I studied painting?
AP: I studied at the Moscow Art College of arts and crafts them. Kalinin, and then I ended up teaching the Moscow Open University. Sholokhov, Department of Decorative and Applied Art.
VP: Well, before this, you will naturally check out our Klin school?
AP: Yes, certainly.
VP: Which school did you study?
AP: The Musical.
VP: Well, this is so, but in general - general obrazovatelnaya?
AP: General education - school number 16
VP: A 16 ... you must now live in the 3rd district?
AP: Yes, I moved out, but I live in the 3rd district, too, side by side at all.
VP: that is, wedge - it's your hometown?
AP: Yes.
VP: Who you love?
AP: Yes.
VP: And now, with time, in the 21st century, when life becomes more severe and intense, we klinchane, less and less likely to seek their views on the Mother Moscow.
AP: Moscow is very difficult and stressful city. But lost the habit of more than 8 years in Moscow and lived in Moscow. This is a very high pace of life is very exhausting pace. Of course, in small towns, more spiritually, simpler, lighter, freer, more air, more svoboodnogo time, more time on impressions from the outside, which is also very important for the artist.
VP: Well, that's interest in painting you have manifested itself long ago?
AP: In very early childhood. My parents noticed it, and pooscheryali in general, my classes, my work as something like this all happened.
VP: Your rodschiteli are not themselves artists?
AP: None.
VP: No, but to you they feel for whatever path you need to go ...
AP: Yes, yes ... and here all those years of training - this is also a merit, of course, the parents first. After all, this financial support and support for spiritual support in every way.
VP: Actually, when you went to college, there was naturally a lot of things?
AP: Yes, very much and greatly broadens the mind. of course, college and institute gave a lot, almost everything. the first such push, first base - all of which gave education. I must say that we have one of the best formations around the world and to strive to get it, no matter how hard it was.
VP: And the historical materials related to our izvesnymi artists and artists of the Wanderers, and modernists - is in general quite rich. After all, our mother Russia raised a lot of these artists. Here are your favorites?

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