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Жизнь коротка, искусство бесконечно.(Оскар Уайльд)

New works
  • Прощание с маской
  • Нагая
  • Round box "Bird" with stand
  • Round Box "Peonies" with stand
  • Grosser Garten (Large garden)
  • Mask "I do not tell"

We welcome you to the gallery of pictures!

You went into the gallery of pictures. Here you will find the directions variety painting and photography: sea and the urban landscape, floral still lifes, portraits and sketches. Presented a variety of techniques: Lubricant painting, drawing, batik, photography, carving, craft items from various non-standard materials.

The site presented the work and the pictures of two people.

Artist Anna Poluboyarinovа.

Anna is an alliance of artists "Moscow", and is active creative life, participating in exhibitions and travels a lot, looking for new and interesting shapes, images. Of the directions prefers realism to create paintings mainly uses classical painting. Specializes in maritime, urban and rural landscape. It likes to create floral still lifes. Anna works in different techniques and areas: oil, drawing, batik, glass, dekoratorstvo of different materials.

Despite the fact that Anna lives in Klin, Moscow region, considers herself a true artist of Moscow region, because a lot of traveling and having fun on home soil - and always finds the Moscow area in his native land for something new and amazing.

Many works are available in the gallery. Under the Articles and publications some useful material: interviews and articles about the history of paint.

An amateur photographer Maxim Kokorev.

Maxim deals photography at the amateur, but he travels a lot, notices nature footage catches the subtle time.

His work also is in the gallery.

And lastly:

If you want to paint a portrait or landscape in order to buy a picture, place in a catalog or book, or arrange for the exhibition - leave a message , we will contact you to meet and discuss the proposal. Remember, we are interested in all the unusual and new.

Thank you for visiting our site. Happy viewing galleries.


Random picture
  • Butterfly Garden
  • Rating: 5,00 (2Votes)
  • Пляж Хаад Рин (Haad Rin)
  • Rating: No Votes
  • Прощание с маской
  • Rating: No Votes
  • Mask "I do not see"
  • Rating: 4,00 (2Votes)
  • Stop!
  • Rating: No Votes
  • Мечтатель
  • Rating: No Votes
  • Эхо войны
  • Rating: No Votes
  • Бабочка
  • Rating: No Votes
  • Чай с лемоном
  • Rating: 5,00 (1Votes)
  • View from hotel in the evening.
  • Rating: No Votes
  • Peonies
  • Rating: 2,50 (2Votes)
  • Round Box "Peonies" with stand
  • Rating: No Votes
  • Африка
  • Rating: No Votes
  • Средиземное море
  • Rating: No Votes
  • Александр
  • Rating: 5,00 (1Votes)

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